About Us

Welcome to Open for Business. It is with excitement, determination and lots of passion that we bring this resource to Central Nebraska. Through our experience and education we were able to see the need for a centralized resource in the community that showcases remarkable businesses and the amazing people who make them work each day.

It is our goal to offer small business owners and stakeholders a premier and dynamic resource for business information, interest stories, guidance and networking opportunities that will also promote the area to potential business owners and showcase the favorable environment and support available to enterprise.

The following principles will be threaded throughout all we do and remain constant characteristics online and in print:

  1. Community
  2. Networking
  3. Efficiency
  4. Education
  5. Promoting Central Nebraska
  6. Innovation
  7. Call to Action

It is of great importance that both website and Open for Business Magazine be content rich. We strive to bring valuable and timely news and information to readers. Open for Business Magazine is a resource for a variety of purposes, but mainly serves as a knowledge hub regarding business in central Nebraska.

It is also important for Open for Business to be an affordable advertising outlet for businesses, particularly small businesses that are on a limited budget. Therefore, advertising costs are very reasonable and competitive in order to work into the strict budget of a small or start-up enterprise. We consider our advertisers our partners; also bringing tools and resources to our readers. To learn more about advertising opportunities click here.

Lisa Tschauner Bio

Lisa is the Co-Owner of Open for Business. Her actual title is Chief Purveyor of Ingenuity as she is the idea machine!


As a guru of ideas and “out-of-the-box” thinking, Lisa has a vast experience of strategizing with existing businesses as well as new business owners. Her education, a BA in Organizational Communication and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management & Entrepreneurship, have proven to be a great foundation that has enabled her to bring the traditional best practices to companies while giving a new perspective with leading edge techniques. She has managed teams of people and been an award-winning salesperson. Lisa has also owned several of her own companies, including Dynamic Concepts, a business consulting firm.

Her background is diverse with work experience in many industries; energy, telecommunications, information technology, retail, marketing/advertising, media production, construction building and manufacturing. Lisa coordinated the Entrepreneurship Center at Central Community College. She has also taught for other area colleges/universities on an adjunct basis. She is a certified NxLevel EDGE Instructor for the University of Nebraska.

She is well versed in communication theory as well as applicable methods. She does several speaking events in the Midwest each year. She has authored a book and worked on many research projects.

She volunteers on local and state coalitions and boards. She is active in her community and has lead several projects that have benefited business owners, non-profit organizations, and education. Personally, Tschauner has lived in central and Western Nebraska as well as Denver, Colorado. She and her family enjoy traveling, art, riding motorcycles, and restoring their old home.

Tschauner also has an education and great deal of experience in business ownership, entrepreneurship, marketing and economic development. She has experience in graphic design, video production, and is knowledgeable about social media for business promotion.

Megan Arrington-Williams, Co-Owner O4B

Megan Arrington-Williams is the other half of the O4B Founders duo. She is our in-house Chief Design Wizard.


Megan is a transplant to central Nebraska… a result of an impactful education at Hastings College (Class of 2009) as Mass Communication major and the capture of her heart from a Nebraska native.  She originated in the Denver area. Her education focused on Print Journalism and she vowed to someday launch her own publication.

Accepting her virtue as a Nebraskan, she has thrown herself into the community circle. She returned to Hastings College as an admissions counselor and successfully started Prairie Interactive, LLC, a web design company.  She is the vice-president of the Hastings Downtown Center Association. She has taken on many projects in the community both personally and through her web design business.  She has the ability to break projects down into simple, manageable segments that allow all those involved to understand.

Arrington-Williams served as the editor-in-chief for the Hastings College publication, Hastings College Collegian. In this post, she managed a publication and experienced all the aspects of producing a news periodical.  Megan continues to foster her relationship with Hastings College and the student body as she mentors and has become a role-model for entrepreneurship.

Megan is very passionate about design… not just design, but good design that appeals to people an helps deliver the message.  She is an amazing photographer with the ability to capture scenes and aspects of situations that others may overlook.  She is considered a master in the kitchen and a hot-wing aficionado.  For relaxation she teaches yoga at Avani Day Spa and Yoga Studio.

She sums up her take on life in the following statement, “It all happens for a reason, Namaste…”